Wide Bucket
Cangini Italy

Wide Bucket

  • The high strength steel and the reinforced structure make it rugged and durable.
  • The reinforcing strips welded to the bottom, an area subject to heavy stresses, make this a rugged bucket that offers a long working life.
  • Its distinctive design ensures higher load capacity combined with more effective ditch bank levelling.
  • It has water drainage holes on the sides and bottom.
  • This bucket is recommended for cleaning, repairing and constructing slopes, for maintaining drainage ditches, for environmental reclamation works and for roadside maintenance.






  • Cutting Edge

    400 Grade cutting edge

  • Optimised Shape

    The angled shape allows optimal penetration into the ground

  • Lifting Eye

    Lifting eyes to assist loading when not in in operation

  • Drainage Slots

    Releases excess water when cleaning ditches

Wide Bucket


  • 1-3 Day Delivery

    Around New Zealand.

  • Lightweight Design

    Built with higher quality European steel

  • High Strength Wear Steel

    Wear plating allows it to withstand the most demanding stresses

  • 36 Month Warranty

    Industry Leading

  • Made in Italy

    High quality workmanship



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Carrier Machine Width (mm) Weight (kg) Capacity (Heaped m3) Internal Gusset
1.5 - 2.5T 1000 63 0.096
2.5 - 3.9T 1200 99 0.154
4 - 4.9T 1400 152 0.254
5 - 5.9T 1600 211 0.345
6 - 9.9T 1600 270 0.447