Pile Driver with Clamp
Malaguti Italy

Pile Driver with Clamp

  • A specially designed plate compactor with integrated grab.
  • This attachment is ideal for landslide containment works, to create fences and, for agriculture, for vineyards and orchards plantation. 
  • Having a built in grab lowers the risk of accident by replacing manual placing of pile/post.


  • Integrated Grab

    Speeds up the process instead of manually placing the piles or posts also stops the need for any personnel to be near the machine.

  • Conical Attachment

    Helps align the pile/post when driving.

  • Oil Flow and Pressure Relief Valve

    Built in valve to easily set up the flow and pressure of the attachment.

  • Removable Hitch Plate

    Bolted on hitch plate so you can utilise between different machine.

Pile Driver with Clamp


  • 1-3 Day Delivery

    Around New Zealand.

  • Lightweight Design

    Built with higher quality European steel

  • High Strength Wear Steel

    Wear plating allows it to withstand the most demanding stresses

  • 36 Month Warranty

    Industry Leading

  • Made in Italy

    High quality workmanship



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Product Name Carrier Machine (t) Compaction Force (kg) Weight (kg) Grab min-max (mm)
PM502B 10-20 10,000 850 100-420