Premium Multi kit pulverizer with booster valve

Multi-function pulverizer equipped with power Booster multiplier valve. Available with Pulverizer Kit, Combi Kit and Shear Kit.

4 Models
Weights: 1995 - 4290 kg
Excavator Weight: 17 - 63 T 
Openings:  410 - 1030 mm
Rotation: Yes

The Impact BOOSTER valve, which characterizes the entire PREMIUM demolition line, allows to multiply the power - intended as the working pressure of the excavator - reaching a peak of 750 bar, entering into action automatically when the material to be demolished offers a great resistance.

Considerable benefits with lower operating pressure and oil flow:
- fuel consumption reduced by 20%
- reduced cycle time, opening/closing in 4 seconds
- increase power performance by 25%
- lower environmental impact

On site, reducing the opening/closing cycle of the jaws translates into time gained and a substantial increase in productivity.

New IZI-Lock® system that allows you to replace the kit in less than 5 minutes

Increased overall power performance and crushing speed thanks to structural restyling

cobra attachments

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