Premium rotating pulverizer with booster valve

Rotating pulverizer for primary and secondary demolition equipped with power Booster multiplier valve.

3 Models
Weights: 2000 - 3120 kg
Excavator Weight: 15 - 38 T 
Openings:  755 - 930 mm
Rotation: Yes

The Impact BOOSTER valve, which characterizes the entire PREMIUM demolition line, allows to multiply the power - intended as the working pressure of the excavator - reaching a peak of 750 bar, entering into action automatically when the material to be demolished offers a great resistance.

Considerable benefits with lower operating pressure and oil flow:
- fuel consumption reduced by 20%
- reduced cycle time, opening/closing in 4 seconds
- increase power performance by 25%
- lower environmental impact

On site, reducing the opening/closing cycle of the jaws translates into time gained and a substantial increase in productivity.

Increased strength of the frame and the movable jaw in the positions most subject to wear

Rear frame closing to prevent entry of debris during demolition

cobra attachments

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